Interview Prep

Know what to expect in a design interview


Design interviews can be long and detailed. Know what to expect and prepare ahead of time to maximize your chances.

Design Interviews

Design interviews will contain the following components:

  • Behavioral interview - answer general questions about design, yourself, and your background
  • Portfolio review - give a presentation on 1-3 of your best case studies/work
  • Design exercise - a take-home design assignment based on a prompt; time given to complete the design can be 1 day to a few weeks
  • App critique (more rare; doesn’t always occur) - you are asked to critique a product, app, or design
  • White board exercise/onsite design challenge - an in-person session where you asked to design in front of a person or group based on a prompt
  • Onsite interview - typically, a full work day in which you give a portfolio presentation to a panel, do a white board exercise, and do one-on-one interviews with different roles (may include app critique and other exercises)


Action Items
✅ Practice narrating and going over your portfolio
✅ Practice design exercises
✅ Prepare answers for behavioral questions