Comicable allows you to commission your own comics


Comicable is an app where users can commission their very own comic book from various talented artists. Readers can browse artists whose styles they like, then request a comic book commission from the artist. The artist can accept the commission, and the user will receive the printed book.

Value Propositions

  • Commission a beautiful and unique gift
  • Have creative input and control over the end result
  • Support a community of talented and diverse artists

Target Users

The target users are in their 20s to 40s and have a fair amount of disposable income. Many of them have some knowledge of classic superhero comics, but are mostly looking to commission a custom comic for someone other than themselves.

The primary users of this website who will be asking for commissions fall into two groups:

  • Family: parents, siblings, and family want to commission these custom comic books for a child (5-15 years old) in their family. This child might love comic books or artwork in general. The commissioned books primarily feature the child as a character in the book, such as a superhero or protagonist.
  • Romantic partners: people want to commission a custom comic book for a romantic partner or spouse who is interested in comic books or artwork. The commissioned books can range anywhere from a story of how they met, or featuring the recipient partner as a main character.


Feature #1: View landing page and sign up


The objective of this feature is to allow the user to view what this website is about, how it works, and make a decision to sign up.


Use Case 1.1

The user should see a landing page for Comicable that explains how the product works, while showing off the available artists and products the user can buy.

From the landing page, the user should understand how the general commission process works.

Here is a breakdown of the process:

  1. Browsing. The user can browse from a list of artists on the Comicable platform
  2. View an artist. The user can view the artist’s past work (samples, past commissions, portfolio)
  3. Select comic book type. The user can select a comic book type to request from the artist.
  4. Submit commission request. The user will submit the comic book request with details about their commission and the artist will either accept or deny it
  5. Off-website communication. If accepted, the user and artist will receive each other’s contact info (email/phone) and talk to each other throughout the creation process
  6. Final approval. The artist will send back a digital proof (a digital version of the final product used for review) of the book, and the user can approve it or ask for changes. Approving it will print the book and send it to the user

Use Case 1.2

The user is required to sign up for an account in order to make a submission request. They should be able to sign up for an account with the following information:

  • Their name
  • Their email
  • Their payment info; we’ll support credit cards, Apple Pay, G Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal (payment will only be taken once a request has been accepted by the artist)
  • Their shipping address (books will be sent there)

Feature #2: View artists


The objective of this feature is to allow the user to browse through artists and make an informed commission request based on personality, style, and past work.


Use Case 2.1

The user should be able to browse through a full list of artists. At the very least, they should be able to see: - The artist’s name - Understand each artist’s style at-a-glance.

Use Case 2.2

The user should be able to see an artist’s page and view their information in more detail. At the very least, they should be able to see:

  • The artist’s name
  • The artist’s profile picture
  • Examples of the artist’s style and artwork (samples, past commissions, portfolio pieces)
  • The artist’s description of themselves and their work/specialties
  • A way to request a commission from that artist
  • They can request 3 types of comic books: #1 Short & Sweet, #2 Booklet, #3 Full Feature

Feature #3: Request a submission


The objective of this feature is to provide the user with an ability to request a comic book type from an artist, and specify the details of their commission. A copy of their commission will be sent to their email.

Use Case 3.1

The user should be able to submit a commission request to an artist. They should complete this information in order to submit their request:

  • Their requested comic book type
  • A general description of their commission
  • Who the comic book is for; the characters, plot, dialogue (if any), and style that they want

Use Case 3.2

The user should be able to get a notification and see that their artist has accepted their commission request. They should see:

  • That the artist has accepted the commission
  • That the payment has gone through
  • The artist’s contact information (email address)
  • The user should be informed that the artist has their contact information (email address); and the user be encouraged to contact the artist to discuss the details

Feature #4: View a proof


The objective of this feature is to provide the user with the ability to view the commissioned proof, and accept it for printing.


Use Case 4.1

The user should be able to get a notification and see that their artist has sent them a proof for final review. If the user accepts this proof, it will start printing into a book and will be shipped to the user’s shipping address in their account.